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When your home goes through a partial or full renovation, the tradesmen generally pack up their stuff & go. The after builders cleaning task is left for you to manage with.

Adelaide Carpet Cleaning can help you clean the mess as well as return your house to its earlier perfect condition. Whether you need a professional clean of the complete place or only some rooms or areas need sprucing up, we will help you by using high-tech equipment as well as industry-standard detergents.

Let Us Know About Your Building Construction Cleaning Adelaide Priorities

The advanced services are designed to accommodate your requirements and sanitize your house in a few hours, dependent on the size of the building.

According to your description of the cleaning tasks you require helping with, you will be offered with an estimate of the time and the cost that would make the renovation cleaners to accomplish them. A more specific quote can be provided, however, after a viewing has been carried out.

A normal construction cleaning checklist may contain the below mentioned tasks:

1.Completely renovated/recently built unfurnished assets

  • Surfaces: skirting boards, doors, banisters, window frames and window sills are completely cleaned
  • Walls & ceilings: builders dust removal and spot cleaning; tiled regions are wiped clean
  • Fixtures: Removal of paint or plaster from light sockets and switches; wiping and scrubbing of kitchen and bathroom fittings, accessories, faucets, etc.
  • Windows: can be washed on the inside. Upon extra request, we can moreover deep cleaned them in & out.
  • Floors: mopped as well as vacuumed

2.Completely renovated furnished property

  • Furniture: dusted and wiped, including benchtops, cupboards, drawers, cabinets, et cetera.
  • Mirrors and glass tops: polished clean
  • Upholstery and Carpeting: Completely vacuumed
  • Electrical appliances: that are sanitized on the outside

3.Partially renovated unfurnished/ furnished property

  • Spot cleaning of certain areas
  • Certain pieces of furniture, as well as items, are cautiously cleaned
  • Individual, lately renovated rooms are thoroughly cleaned

Frequently Asked Questions

A: We can provide you an estimated quote. The precise quotation can be provided when we have located your place and predictable the time that would require us to carry out the cleaning. In case the renovation was needed to be done on a small scale, we may be competent to offer you a quote on the phone which would be depending upon your description of the task.

We have a preference to come & clean once all the workers have packed and gone. However, it is up to you if you desire to book a partial builder cleaning Adelaide task of a specific room or, for example, for the top floor, though the builders are still doing their task. Just know that the workmen may still do the mess after our service is done.

Yes. Our professionals will vacuum your carpets with an industrial power vacuum cleaner. If you need a deep clean for your carpeting (with advanced steam cleaning), this could be organized for you at discounted prices..

Yes. if you have booked an adequate number of hours, the professional cleaners can take the dust out of your interior windows like a part of the service. For the exterior windows, you are required to request our specialized window cleaning services.

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